Senior Scientist

Mr. Huniu is a senior scientist with more than 13 years of project management and technical experience in compliance with the Clean Water Act, contaminated media cleanup, data and statistical analysis, geospatial analysis, watershed non-point source pollutant modeling, environmental permitting and planning, stormwater monitoring, microbiological source tracking, and molecular analysis.
He has been the project manager and technical lead for projects involving site characterization of some of the largest upland and in-water Superfund sites in the United States, water quality monitoring studies, NPDES permit compliance, environmental due diligence, in-water sediment cleanup, TMDL reporting, non-point source pollution modeling, and stormwater best management practices.
Mr. Huniu firmly believes that making a positive difference in our environment is our collective duty to current and future generations, and that it is our responsibility to ensure equitable access to a clean and healthy environment for all people and species.